Friday, May 18, 2012

Never waste Earl Grey

So a couple of days ago I wake up in the morning, walk into our kitchen and make a cup of tea. This particular morning I decide to have some Earl Grey favorite that I brought from the States. April, my roommate, is in our bedroom and I let her know there is hot water for tea or coffee if she's interested. A few minutes later I hear, "Um...Vanessa? ...did you rinse out the tea kettle before you boiled water?" Oh, no. There's no telling what she means by that. Every other time I've made tea, I rinse out the kettle and boil fresh water. But not on this day. This day I figured I wouldn't need to since Lori (housemate) had been up earlier and made coffee. I was wrong. In the bottom of April's cup are about 20 tiny ant corpses. I start to pour mine out (I still hadn't touched it), when April says, "No! Don't waste your Earl Grey!! Just strain them out." And so we did. Turns out, those little wire mesh strainers that fit on top of a glass are pretty good at straining dead ants out of tea. :) 

Ants gone, tea saved, and my morning's back on track...and that's the way I see it.  

And don't ask me why ants are attracted to a metal kettle and water. 


  1. Did they impart any flavor to the tea?

    1. Well, that would at least be useful if they did, but sadly, no. :/